Taizhou Mingguang Chemical Co., Ltd. Taizhou Mingguang Chemical Co., Ltd.  

Taizhou Mingguang Chemical Co.,Ltd.  is a specialized production, research and development enterprise with independent import and export right. Our products include Potassium Hydroxide, Methyl acetate, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate (ATBC), Tributyl Citrate (TBC), Potassium Sorbate, Potassium dihydrogen phosphate, cellulose and intermediates, etc. Relying on excellent customer service and professional skill for years, our products pop in domestic market and are exported into the dozens of countries and regions such as USA, Europe, Russia, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, etc. and we enjoy good reputation in the global market.

Taking mature enterprise culture as heritage, we vigorously implement standardized and brand strategies, pursue win-win philosophy, actively explore global market, deliver excellent products and service to customers and try to be the top supplier. 

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