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Tributyl Citrate (TBC)

English name: Tributyl Citrate(TBC)
CAS: 77-94-1
Molecular formula: C18H32O7
Technical index:

Content (%)
Acidity (calculated citric acid,%)
Chroma (Pt-Co)
Moisture (%)

Application: It is fit for the plasticizer of polyvinyl chloride, tin chloride multi-polymer and cellulosic resin. Well compatibility and high plasticizing efficiency; excellent cold-proof, light-proof and water-proof; small volatility, nontoxic and toxicity-proof. It also can be used as the plasticizer of food package, medical treatment products and children’s toys.

Toxicity: nontoxic. Rat per os LD50>30ml/kg, 10-30ml/kg dosage is not poisonous.
Packing: iron drum, 200KGS/drum.
Storage and transportation: Stored in cool, ventilated and dry place. Transported it as general chemical products.

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